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A Jabiru stork at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

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Map of Life app launched

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Map of Life app

Several weeks ago we launched the Map of Life app for iOS and Android. It delivers a simple field-guide for tens of thousands of species worldwide to the palm of your hand and tailored to where you are. With an ever-growing coverage and functions it allows to instantly record species and potentially contribute important data for research and conservation. The app has been enthusiastically received around the world and seen some first reviews.

A growing community

With over 25,000 downloads in the first eight weeks and already 500-1,000 regular daily users we are thrilled about the global uptake, rapid growth, and also the great feedback we are receiving. The app is available in six languages and we plan to add more in the near future.

Map of biodiversity search locations of app users:
Thousands of app users record observations

Naturalists worldwide have already been using the power of the app to record and share their species observations. Over 1,300 different species from all major groups have been recorded in the first two months, with many sightings for undersampled places and species that dearly need more biodiversity information. We are currently working on a curation process before all data will be shared broadly.

Cumulative map of user observations submitted through the app:
Get connected

App users can connect with their records in the app but also through an ever more powerful Dashboard on a dedicated web page.

An example personal dashboard:

Image of dashboard

Keep a list of species in your backyard or your regular walks, record the species seen on your trips, and develop a ‘life list’ of animals and plants seen. Learn more about how to record species here:

Quick tutorial on how to record species in the app:

For more information about the app, see our Help page, which provides instructions and FAQs about the app. Check back with us as we grow the app, spread the word, and share any feedback via the within-app options or by emailing us, and - enjoy!