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BGC Guest-Authored Article Published on the Google Earth Blog

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Complex scientific figure. The central text reads 'Measurement & Decision Support for Achieving Biodiversity Outcomes.' This text is inside a triangle of arrows. The arrows point to: 1) 'SHI. Ecosystems and Species Populations' accompanied by a photo of a snake, 2) 'SPI. Protected Areas' accompanied by a photo of a toucan, and 3) 'SII. Actionable Information' accompanied by a photo of a monkey.
A conceptual diagram showing the synergy of the three biodiversity indicators: the Species Habitat, Protection, and Information Indices.

BGC members co-authored a guest article on the Google Earth Engine Medium blog detailing the adoption of the Map of Life Biodiversity Indicators into the Global Biodiversity Monitoring Framework.


“We are running out of time to conserve the world’s biodiversity — but the gig is not up yet. Ambitious conservation targets set forth by the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), signed earlier this week in Montreal, have instilled hope around the world as countries, organizations, and researchers unite to put biodiversity on the global agenda. With the GBF goals now in place, there is an urgent need to support local communities, governments, and businesses in their progress toward achieving the framework’s ambition.”

Read the full article here.