Map of Life Rapid Assessment XPRIZE Team

We are an international team with background in biodiversity science, biodiversity monitoring, survey technologies, machine learning, and taxonomic identification. Our XPRIZE solution leverages careful groundwork for quantitatively linking up geographic scales of observation with human-in-the-loop machine learning to deliver comprehensive local biodiversity information and support conservation insights. Our general framework offers strong scalability and flexible extension to new survey hardware and links in identification experts in innovative and effective ways.

Welcome to Map of Life Rapid Assessments

Supporting stakeholders worldwide to more effectively include biodiversity in their local conservation decisions is a key goal of Map of Life. Our Rapid Assessments XPRIZE solution links the power of Map of Life's global biodiversity engine to information collected locally with novel, machine-learning supported, UAV-based sensor and monitoring technology.

Our Approach

We are deploying a suite of customized, off-the-shelf unmanned aerial vehicles to collect audio and visual data in rainforest sites during semi-autonomous flight missions. With expert-in-the-loop routines supported by machine learning we detect and identify plants and animals from digital specimens. This is supported by interactive cloud-based interface that links Map of Life's authoritative species information to the local data and delivers species lists and associated biodiversity and conservation insights. This feat is made possible by years of effort by Map of Life to curate species data and develop top-of-the-line species distribution models and official biodiversity indicators.

Together with a range of international science and impact partners, Map of Life is delivering evidence about local biodiversity, its threats and change worldwide. Map of Life Rapid Assessments add an important field dimension that uses latest technologies to support fine-scale site assessment and monitoring.

Image Description
Walter Jetz
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University and Team Lead


Pictures from the XPRIZE Rainforest Semifinal Competition in Singapore